The following is a collection of various webpage designs which I have made that you can download and use. Many of these are from Journal : \u2764; some come from elsewhere. See the individual style pages for more information.

Styles are “ embedded ” ( included via a <style> element in the document header of each page ), and may not be entirely comprehensive ( ie, may not include styling information for tables, lists, figures ). You should modify them to suit your purposes and build on them to more fully encompass your needs. However, they should provide inspiration and potentially a starting­‑place for building text­‑based resources for the Web.

I use Firefox for developing but avoid using prefixed properties whenever possible. WebKit tends to have slightly buggier implementations of certain CSS things ; where I know of interoperability concerns I list them. Most styles are simple, responsive designs.

All designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence ; feel free to use them so long as you attribute this webpage and ShareAlike.