London Style

This style was used for my old website prior to its redesign as GoHome ; the initial design was committed on , with final edits beïng made on of that year.

The expected page style is one like the following :

	<h1>Site Title</h1>
	<nav><!-- Navigational links --></nav>
	<!-- Site content -->

Longform content should be wrapped an <article> tag ; non­‑<article> content will be displayed in a flashy red­‑on­‑navy style. This looks good for short pages or galleries but is much less readable.

The preferred fonts are M+ 1c and M+ 2p, although any sans­‑serif with weights of { 200, 300, 400, 500, 700 } ( for body text ) and { 700, 800, 900 } ( for headings ) will work. Italics are not required.