Fringe Style ( white version )

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These are the same styles that I used for my Fringe Mastodev series, as seen here :

A History:

Fringe Mastodev – Part III: Joining GlitchSoc


This style expects a page layout like the following :

		<!-- Header information -->
	<!-- Page content -->
		<!-- Footer information -->

There are a few special classes : Use <strong class="MARK"> to mark text ; use <span class="PARENTHETICAL"> for inline parenthetical content ( like this ) ; use <span class="OPTION"> and <span class="CASE"> for a list of choices { like this | or this }, and use <i class="SO-CALLED"> for scare quotes.

Set the PARAGRAPH class on non­‑<p> block elements that you want to be numbered as though they were paragraphs ; this is especially useful for lists…

Finally, you can make your own link previews by using code like the following :

<a class="PREVIEW" href="">
	<p>by Author</p>

…Which will look like this :


by Author