Transpop Style

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This style is a parody of corporate æsthetic ( Apple etc ) and their attempts to profit off of queer and subversive design elements, inspired specifically by The Propaganda of Pantone : Colour and Subcultural Sublimation by Kevin Lo of LOKI Design.

It has that slender white bar at the top, those pink and blue gradients that millennials love, translucency atop translucency, and a layout so confusing that it needs little arrows in order to direct you where to go.

Bear in mind that this is Not Exactly a Serious Style for Serious Usage and ill­‑suited for most kinds of content that arenʼt just paragraphs of text. Please Do Not Use This As The Principal Design For Your Website.

Itʼs Joke.

The initial version of this style first premiered in page 01 of my journal.


Use a <section> element to define a grouping of paragraphs like this one. The first element in this section should be the heading, in the form of an <h2>.

The remaining children, no matter what they are, will be fit into the grid as seen here.