Linernotes Style

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This style is based off of album liner notes—specifically, Everythingʼs Beautiful by Miles Davis & Robert Glasper was used as the inspiration. ( However, this design is pretty generic. ) A basic version of this style first appeared in page 01 of my journal.

Aside from the column layout, paragraphs, and headings, most things are left unstyled—this style is targeted towards text­‑heavy pages without a ton of markup. If you do need special styling for lists, tables, etc, youʼll need to add it yourself.

By default, the stylesheet prefers the font Helvetica Neue ; if you donʼt like this choice, a sans­‑serif with at least thin, normal, and bold weights is ideal.


This style scrolls in the horizontal, not vertical, direction, as this looks nicer in columned layouts. To make it clear ( on platforms like Apple which hide scrollbars ) that the page can be scrolled in that direction ( which people might not expect ), a little “⟦ Scroll → ⟧” popup will appear at the bottom of the page if the page overflows. Making this work properly requires the use of vertical writing modes ( to swap the inline and block directions ), which means all of a pageʼs content must be inside an <article> element, inside of the <body>, in order to ensure it displays correctly.