Manifesto Style

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This style was used for page 02 of my journal. It is visually inspired, with apologies, by Heather Flowersʼs Meatpunk Manifesto. However, it is a fairly complete style, with support for figures, blockquotes, lists, and horizontal rules.

Although this style generally ( not always ) makes all text lowercase, it is recommended you use “ standard ” casing in your source, for the benefit of people reading your document without styling or in Reader View.


Inside of an <article>, you can use <section>s to give numbering to <h2> headings.

The <u> element should be used to mark up proper nouns, and will render them in small­‑caps.

You can use <div role="note"> for marginal notes like this one.

Finally, you can set the MANGA class on <figure> elements and it will display any <img> children as manga pages, displayed right­‑to­‑left. For left­‑to­‑right display, use <figure class="MANGA" style="Direction: LTR">. Use <hr> to separate pairs of pages.