Edward Style, Last updated : .


This style is a ( somewhat simplified ) version of that used for Page 07 of my journal. It is inspired by Edwardian printing presses, Gothic pulp novels, and vampires. The decorations on the <h1> element were taken from A Short History of Birds & Beasts, for the Amusement and Instruction of Children, in the public domain.

Usage [ Permalink for Usage section ]

The entire document should be wrapped in an <article>, ideally with a <header>. A second <header> with class="SHORTTITLE" can be used to display a vertical title in the top­‑right of the page on supporting browsers ; this title must be a link. It is recommended you use <a href="#">, so that it links to the top of the page.

Main document contents should be in <section>s inside of a <div class="BODY">. In browsers which support them, these sections will be given “ sticky ” headings if the window is tall enough. At most five sections are supported, for reasons of space and stylesheet simplicity.

There is a particular way of marking up section headings to get them to turn into links ; see the source of this page for a demonstration.

It is known that the section numbering is sometimes incorrect in Safari ; this presumably has to do with the way Webkit optimizes large pages and fails to update its counters as they are processed.